Once Human

Singer guitarist Lauren Halt teamed up with ex. original Machine Head member and producer (Gojira,5FDP) Logan Mader to form Once Human. 
"The creative chemistry was so on fire and the music really spoke to me. In all of my years producing, I've never been so attached and excited about a band," says Logan Mader.   


Chicago based Hessler built up a following in their hometown with their combination of sleaze, heavy metal and hard rock. Hessler was voted the “Best Metal Band” by Chicago Reader and became a regular band at the Rocklahoma festival.The beautiful and talented Lariyah Daniels on vocals and Hesslers high energy live show with lots of rock and roll attitude make them stand out.


Diemonds clawing their way out of the Toronto, Canada underground with their high fueled hard rock songs about outkasts, misfits and wild childs. Fronted by the sultry lead singer Priya Panda.
Diemonds named the Best Underground Artist of 2013 by High Times Magazine and UK’s Classic Rock Magazine selected their music video “GTFO” as the year’s 4th best. “Risking their safety and sanity for rock n’ roll please welcome Toronto’s wild and young…” – Classic Rock Magazine