Time to get a nasty bitch slap? BarbieQBarbies is handing out a hefty steamy high octane rock n roll bitchslap loaded with attitude and drive that echoes back to the glory days of AC / DC, KISS and Motorhead. The singer Niki Rocks sovereign American rock n 'roll feel and Nordic mood, along with excessively guitars and infectious melodies makes Barbe-Q-Barbies - "Breaking All The Rules" is a must in your record collection.
This Finnish all-girl band is here to set the record straight. Rock is, was, and always will be raw, dirty, and bad to the bone.Live these girls really come into their own. Headline shows up and down country and opening slots for NEW YORK DOLLS, and WASP (to name just a few) have earned them the title of ‘Finland’s 2nd BEST NEWCOMER ACT 2011′ (public poll by Soundi, the biggest rock magazine in Finland) and their shows have earned a reputation as energetic, unpredictable, and uncompromising but always fun and entertaining. For the BARBE-Q-BARBIES the party doesn’t stop. They live and breath rock, punk, sleaze and trash.