Kobra and the Lotus

HAILING FROM Canada and fronted by powerhouse vocalist KOBRA PAIGE, also the band’s founding force.Kobra And The Lotus are the fire-breathing, female-fronted heavy metal bombshell. Classic, Priest-loving riffs. Powerhouse drummer. Singer who can belt the Halfordian high-notes.The self-titled and financed debut album (2010) produced Kevin Shirley and gave the band great reviews in the metal press. The band played 168 gigs in five different countries over the coming 16 months. Gene Simmons who is a fan signed Kobra and the Lotus to his own record label Universal Music / Simmons Records.
 After signing, Gene Simmons encouraged the band to write four new tracks and go back into the studio January and February 2012 with super producer and fellow Canadian Kevin Churko to record the new tracks and remix and remaster the entire album. Their video for the anthem Forever One was shot at the Hermitage Ruins in Dundas, Ontario, Canada.