Lee Aaron

Lee Aaron was born in Belleville, Canada. Already at the age of five she was performing in school musicals. At fifteen she performed on canadian television and was discovered by the band Lee Aaron. They played each fall  in southern Canada. At an outdoor festival she was discovered by a manager who persuaded her to use Lee Aaron as her stage name. The debut album "Lee Aaron Project" was released in 1982. "Metal Queen"1984 was Lee Aarons breakthrough album with the famous music video "Metal Queen". "Call of the Wild" album 1985  produced by demon producer Bob Ezrin, featured "Beat Em Up" one of Lee Aarons most famous songs.
1987 self-titled album was a noticeable change in both the music and  style, her image was toned down and the music became more mainstream,  Joe Lynn Turner wrote three of the songs on the album. Two years later "Body Rock" was released and  sold gold "Watcha Do To My Body" became a hit, the music video took suggestive rock videos to a new climax, a 14-month tour followed. 1991 "Some Girls Do" followed its predecessor's style with songs like "Love With Love" and sold gold;