Vision is Hard Rock with strong melodies, heavy riffs and great choruses and is fronted by the enigmatic Queen B that lays on the foundation of the heavy crunch of Marys guitar backed by Monas leads and the thunderous beats of Emlee and Jennie.
Guitarist Mary started Vision in Stockholm 2006 at the rock and film school No Remorse. The first line up of Vision performed the KISS song "Lick It Up" on Swedish national television.Through the years some member changes has been done but the core of the guitarist Mary and singer Queen B has remained intact since they reformed the band together 2007 with a change of sound to a more eigthies approach.

Vision has played much live both in Stockholm/Sweden and abroad. Several videos has been made to promote the band. The song Sleep When I’m Dead was choosen to be the swedish soccer team LdB FC’s promotional song for the 2009 season and Slitz magazine namned Vision one of the top 5 best new bands to look out for in August 2009.


Vision released "Bury You Alive" musicvideo and Geoff Barton wrote "Our New Favorite All-Girl Band" on the Classic Rock Magazine website.