Doro Pesch was born in Dusseldorf, Germany. Her first band was Snakebite which she later on left to join Warlock, together they toured heavily in the German clubs and built a strong fan base. After their demo received good reviews they wrote on a record deal with Mausoleum. 1984 released debut "Burning the Witches" in the following year came the album "Hellbound"
Warlock began work on their third album "True As Steel" in 1986 the same year the album was released Warlock was booked  to perform at the very prestigious Monsters of Rock (Castle Donington, England) Doro was the first woman to perform there.In 1987 Went the Warlock to New York to record his next album with the American producer Joey Balin. "Triumph and Agony" was released, and "All We Are" became a hit on American radio stations and the video got a lot of rotation on MTV's Headbangers Ball.
When it was time for Warlocks sequel "Force Majeure" had several members left the band and managementet had made sure to get the rights to the name Warlock. So Doro decided to use the name Doro henceforth.In 1990 it was time for the sequel "Doro"  her childhood idol Gene Simmons produced the album and Doro recorded a KISS cover of the album "Only You" from "The Elder".