Misdemeanor formed in early 90s in Stockholm by Jenny Lindahl and the sisters Möllberg after trying a number of singers they picked up Veronica Olofsson at the tavern in 1994. The band's chauffeur Sarah Fredriksson thought it would sound better with two guitarists and suggested herself. Now that the band was complette they recorded the EP "Five Wheel Drive" in Rancho De Luna studio, california where Vera Olofsson did a duet with John Garcia (Kyuss). 2002 the band released their debut album through Alex Hellids (Entombed) record company with song titles as Beer Hunter, It's So Big and Let Me Know the latter was played in a music video.
In 2004 it was time for the second album "High Crimes And Misdemeanor" band toured europe opening for Fu Manchu, Entombed and Hellacopters.