Meanstreak was formed in 1985 in Westchester, New York and was a mean girl thrash metal band. in 1988  Meanstreak released their debut album "Roadkill" on Mercenary Records. They played a lot around in New York and shared the stage with Motorhead, Overkill, Nuclear Assault, Manowar and Anthrax.

The album Roadkill "contains 9 stable thrash songs that got good reviews in the contemporary music press and Meanstreak got a smaller fan base. Nonetheless it was the mandatory record company altercation; Meanstreaks record company didn´t do the key promotion for the album, Meanstreak  left the record company.
 In the early 90's the changed  music climate - grunge was in and thrash out . Meanstreak had come to know another band from Long Island New York called Dream Theater. This was the end for Meanstreak ...
Today is Marlene (guitar), married to Mike Portnoy (drums) Dream Theater and have two children together even Rena (guitar) and John Petrucci (guitar) Dream Theater are married with three children likewise Lisa (bass) is married to John Muyng (bass ) Dream Theater. Mike Portnoy writes on his own website that when the kids are old enough to be the road crew so then is going to be the long-awaited Mean Streak reunion with their husbands' band as the opening act.

Meanstreaks debut album "Roadkill" is a collectible in Thrash circuits .