Tarja Soile Susanna Turunen was born in Kitee, Finland. She began playing piano at age six and was notorious at her school for participate in any music project. She had a tough time at school when the other girls bullied and froze her out because they were jealous of her  Beautiful singing voice. At age 18, she was accepted at the prestigious Sibelius Academy. During Christmas vacation in 1996, she was invited by his former classmate Toumas Holopainen attending his music projects and Nightwish was born.
The 1997 album "Angels Fall First" had a minor success in Finland. When the sequel "Ocean Born" came in 1998, the outside world open their eyes to Nightwish "Sleeping Sun" single sold well in Germany. When Nightwish released the "Wishmaster" in 2000 they were featured in the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest, where they won big among viewers' votes but were cleared away by the appointed jury. That brought an outcry in Finland and the jury was removed the Finnish melody festivals, now it was only the viewers' votes in force, in 2006 Finland won the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time ever with Lordi.
In 2002 it was time for Nightwish "Century Child" whose singles "Bless The Child", "Ever Dream" came to be ranked high up the charts, the album eventually contained Nightwish heaviest and darkest song so far "Slaying The Dreamer". 2004 was the time for the sequel "Once" where magnificent "Dark Chest of Wonders" opens the album and the single "Nemo" came to be ranked number one in the charts in several countries.
Immediately after the final gig on the "Once" tour at Hartwall Arena Tarja got fired from Nightwish in an open letter that was posted on the Nightwish website. After years of unrest between bandleader Touma and Tarja's husband who is also the manager was the climax reached when Tarja's husband canceled a scheduled United States tour. A bitter battle ensued in which the Nightwish dedicated the song "Bye Bye Beautiful" to Tarja and "Master Passion Greed" to her husband on their next album, "Dark Passion Play". Tarja countered with the song "I Walk Alone" from her first soloabum "Winter Storm"